A New Look For Modern Times

Wicker patio furniture is an extremely popular material, and we're not talking about the old, natural style wicker that gets brittle and chips over time. Today's wicker is made of synthetic vinyl and resin materials with UV coating for additional durability. The weave designs on wicker have also changed over the years, with many manufacturers moving from featuring narrow weave patterns towards thicker strands.

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Modular is another buzz word in the world of patio furniture. We've got patio sets that fold, stack and re-arrange into endless configurations. You'll enjoy the patio more when it has a clean, uncluttered look with an array of outdoor seating options. We also recommend a patio storage trunk to protect your pillows and cushions when you aren't using your patio furniture.

Decorating The Patio

With the wealth of patio decor & accessories available today, you can easily transform your patio into a stylish comfort zone. Having too much fun in the sun and need a break in the shade? Add a versatile patio umbrella, which conveniently tilts for the best shade whether you're enjoying morning coffee or a drink in the evening. Our umbrellas are available in complementary colors and fabrics which can add depth to your existing patio furniture.

Need to add some color and dimension to your space? Give outdoor rugs or patio curtains a try. Our patio rugs are soft as cotton, yet strong enough to withstand the outdoors.

Outdoor curtains can offer dramatic ways to filter sunlight and add dimension to your patio area. Patio curtains are also ideal for creating a border between outdoor spaces.

“... once considered luxuries, are now necessities.”

Beyond Patio Furniture

In order to create a truly beautiful outdoor space, think of it like the living space inside. Patio heaters, fire pits, and beverage coolers, once considered luxuries, are now necessities. Depending on your climate, patio heaters and fire pits can provide the warm ambiance needed to enjoy your patio year-around.

Outdoor lighting is another way to add wonderful aesthetics that will make your patio area more inviting and relaxing. Need a place to store drinks & ice? Add an ice bucket and have cold drinks ready when you need them. Also, don't leave out something just because it's purely aesthetic. A garden statue or water fountain may be all your patio needs to make it complete.