Recommended Base Sizing

What size patio umbrella will be used? (not sure what size you need? Read Our Patio Umbrella Sizing Guide Getting the Shade You Need ) If the umbrella will be used with a patio table, what is the size of the hole in the table and are there any obstructions under the table that will need to be taken into consideration?

Umbrella poles typically come in 1.5 inch diameter or 2 inch diameter. Check the tube (also known as the stem) of the base and the hole in the table to determine if the umbrella pole will slide easily into the base. Bar and counter height tables will require a longer pole to accommodate the extra height and allow for easy raising and lowering of the umbrella. Some tubes will have a two part stem. One stem can be used underneath the table and use both tubes for freestanding. Always tighten the knob on the tube to prevent the umbrella from leaning.

Umbrella Size Stand Weight Usage

6 to 7.5 ft

35 lb or less

Thru table only. Freestanding not recommended

7.5 to 9 ft

40 to 60 lbs

Freestanding 50 lb minimum. Thru table 40 lb minimum

9 ft to 10 ft

65 to 75 lbs

Freestanding, low wind location. Thru table

11 ft or larger

75 lbs and up

Freestanding or Thru table

Always lower the umbrella when it is not being used and make sure it is secure. The wind can catch your canopy, even if it is closed, and you may end up looking in your neighbor's yard for it.

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