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Outdoor TV Mounts

What Makes an Outdoor TV Different?

  • Waterproof versus Water Resistant. These two terms mean two very different things. A device that is waterproof means that it’s impervious to water and can even operate while submerged, whereas a device that is water resistant is able to resist water intrusion to some degree – but can not be submerged.

  • Don’t forget to make sure that the remote is also waterproof. Keep in mind that a waterproof TV can also be power washed, which you will undoubtedly be doing at least a few times a year if you live in an area prone to dust.

  • The best place to mount an outdoor TV will always be in a protected area that is not in direct sunlight.

  • Think about purchasing a full-motion mount for a wider range of viewing areas.

  • TV mounts need to be all-weather too! A regular mount is meant for indoor use and can fail under extreme temperatures and will likely rust outdoors.

  • Just like everything else placed outside, make sure your cables are rated for outdoor use.