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Fire Pit FAQ

We want to make sure your purchasing or building process is as easy as pie. Therefore, our staff has developed a list of questions that are commonly asked while researching your fire pit needs. If you can't find the answer to your question, please feel free to call us at anytime.

What is a fire pit?

What is a fire pit?

By definition, a fire pit is a hole designed to contain a fire and to prevent it from spreading. Fire pits are also a decorative accessory for your outdoor living area to provide beauty, warmth and ambiance. The fire pits we offer are available in wood, gas and propane burning styles as well as different shapes such as round, hexagon, octagon, pentagon, rectangle and square.

What are BTU's?

A BTU or, British Thermal Unit is a unit of measure used to measure the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of liquid water by one degree Fahrenheit. The higher the BTU, the more fuel you will use. BTU's dictate the amount of gas pressure required to run a gas appliance. Gas pressure directly affects the flame height of the appliance so in order to achieve the desired or appropriate flame height for a unit, you will need to make sure there is enough gas pressure to supply the BTU's needed to run the appliance appropriately. Only a licensed gas professional can accurately determine whether or not appropriate pressure is available. It is a good idea to consult with your licensed professional prior to purchasing the product to help avoid being dissatisfied with your purchase.

Who can install my fireplace or firepit?

Licensed plumbers or professional gas installers should be resources for installing your fire pit or fireplace. There are safety risks involved with installing gas products as well as local codes that have to be taken into account.

How big does my gas line need to be?

The size of your gas line will be determined by the source coming from your home. This will directly affect the performance of the fire pit or outdoor fireplace due to the amount of gas that it allows to be pushed to the product.

The length of your gas line will need to be determined by a licensed plumber or professional gas installer. There are many factors there need to be taken into account when running gas lines.

How big of a flame will my fire pit produce?

The flame size will be determined by the amount of gas going to the fire pit or fireplace. Pressure, gas line size and the distance the gas has to travel will all be factors in the size of your flame. You should consult with your installer prior to purchasing to ensure you get the right product that will produce the flame your are desiring.

For a four-sided fireplace or firepit:

  • We recommend 2" - 4" of glass depth for most fireplaces and fire pits
  • All measurements should be made in inches
Front Width: Fireplace/Firepit Depth:
Back Width: Glass Depth:

pounds of glass

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For a round fireplace or firepit:

Fireplace/Firepit Diameter: Glass Depth:

pounds of glass

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Can I use a filler under my glass?

Yes, using a filler is a great idea for fire pits. We recommend using approximately 1/2 clear filler glass and 1/2 colored glass. This will help cut down the cost of your fire glass purchase. For example, if you calculate that you need 75 lbs of fire glass, consider using 37.5 lbs of clear filler glass and 37.5 lbs of colored glass. Once you have your fire pit set up, you should pour the clear glass in first. Completely cover the clear glass with the colored glass of your choice. We recommend using darker colored glass for propane fire pits because of the sooting that propane gas produces upon combustion.

Are there any alternatives to fire pit logs?

Yes, there are other ways for you to decorate your fire pit other than using fire pit logs. You can use fire glass, fire shapes, lava rocks or stones.

How can I build my own fire pit?

Check out our article on How to Build a Fire Pit!