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How to Clean Your Outdoor Cushions

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

Now that Winter is over, it's time to get out the patio furniture and have friends and family over. Cleaning your outdoor cushions is an important step to get your patio furniture Spring and Summer ready. Just a few quick and easy steps and you will be once again enjoying your outdoor space.

How To Clean Outdoor Cushions

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What You Will Need:

Outdoor Furniture Cleaners

Cleaning Outdoor Cushions and Tips for Maintaining

  • Vacuum or use a soft bristle brush to remove loose dirt.
  • Spray 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner on any spots or stains and work in with a soft brush or sponge.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution of a quarter cup mild dish soap, with 1 gallon of lukewarm water.
  • Let solution soak into fabric
  • Use a soft bristle brush or sponge for cleaning.
  • Rinse the cushions off throughly with a water hose.
  • Set aside to air dry. Quick Tip - for faster drying, place your cushions on one side and lean them against the arm or back of your chair. This will allow your cushions to dry much faster than leaving flat in the seat!
  • After dry, spray 303 Fabric Guard to further protect your outdoor cushions.

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